documentary photography, portraiture

Entering Photography Competition

I’ve decided to enter a few of my images into The British Photography Award 2018 – Best Documentary Photographer running until the 10th of October. To enter each photo into the competition, the BPA charges £5. The requirements are to be a full-time resident in the UK or to hold a UK Passport. The prize for this competition is the British Photography Award for Best Documentary Photographer 2018. Similarly, short-listed entrants will enjoy a great deal of publicity.

Between the 12th and 26th October the images would be Shortlisted by Judges. Between 28th of October and 15th of November Shortlist would be available for Public Voting. On the 17th November Invitations will go out to Nominees and finally on the 28th of January The British Photography Awards will be hosted at London’s Savoy. To be shortlisted or at least to get feedback form The British Photography Awards would be like a dream comes true, so wish me luck.

My chosen images are from my Bloody Foreigners? documentary photography body of work, which questions people’s opinions about racism and the discrimination of the foreign. In this project I am aiming to communicate the awareness, to change people’s views and to convey the message about the positive impact of the immigrants working in the UK.

Did I make a right decision??? Or should I use different pictures??? Help me please!!!

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