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Major project and the dissertation ideas

As photography student approaching the final year, over the summer I had to think about my major project and a potential subject for my dissertation. I decided to carry on my Bloody Foreigners work and consequently, to make a connection between the major project and the dissertation, I’ve decided to write about the documentary photography. However, I am going to pay the most attention towards the photographers which documented people as their subject matter.

To create my new work, which I shared with you recently, I meet new people, talk to them about my university project and ask for their permission to photograph them. Mostly they were helpful, however I meet a few which did not want to be photographed.

For my new work, I am planning to find some more interesting people, experiment with the lighting, locations and maybe use some black & white photographs. I have some new ideas after writing the dissertation draft and researching many photographers and artists work.

New images coming soon.

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