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Back to uni, the final year begins…

Final year? Already? Aw my God, where has the time gone? In a few months hopefully, I will graduate with a BA in Photography but now I am freaked out!

So much information about the work which must be done through the year and sooo much to do. However, the dissertation is the worst of all and its due for the 11th of January. Why is it the worst? As I hate writing and English isn’t my first language so its not easy! But nobody said it would be, so I must stop feeling sorry for myself and start working.

So, what’s next? Individual meetings with tutors, to talk about our research for the dissertation. After that I will have to write 1000 words for the next meeting, and the next one and so on. If everything goes as planned, the dissertation would be done by December. I wish, I can’t wait to have it out of the way. But when the dissertation would be done, we would have a trip to Amsterdam! Hurray, something to look forward to!

The next module is Professional Practice, where I must create a website and blog (already on it). Third and the most exciting one is the Major Project and the research around my work. Now I am continuing Bloody Foreigners? so let’s see where it gets me.

It’s time to work, work, work, work…

I promise new work coming soon.

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