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University trip to The Hepworth Wakefield

Viviane Sassen and Lee Miller’s exhibition.

The mainstay of Viviane Sassen’s Hot Mirrors are geometrics and body abstractions. The representation of gender and fashion in her work are far away from photography traditions, as she breaks the boundaries within creativity and experimentation. Artist often distort human’s body, use harsh shadows and dynamic colours. Her work brings a surreal feel, so the viewer must look twice to find out what’s going on. To display her work, she mixes large posters with glass screens and white photo frames. Images are sequenced to create a story within a place, or a subject matter.

Lee Miller’s work is sequenced within similar subject: hands, naked body, portraits… and presented as small images placed in the middle of black large frames (unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of Miller’s work).

Looking at Viviane Sassen’s photographs and collages the viewer can link her work with Lee Miller’s, as she uses a similar approach. Both artists change everyday objects and people into the strange and surreal with a beautiful sense of composition. For their experimentation within many photography fields both artists grow into uncategorised photographers.


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