First Interim Exhibition

Today was the first of our final year photography exhibition.

We’ve had to choose one of our images which would outline our ideas for the major project. As each of us is different, so is our work. Some student exhibited landscape, while others displayed abstract, travel, portraiture, fashion etc. Some work appears as a part of the large story while others as part of small, or commercial portfolio. It was great to see so many good photographs and evidently a lot of potential for students further work.

Peer review

Each of us were split into groups of 6-7 people and we had to review another group’s work. For each photograph we had to answer a few questions about the genre of the image, technical side of it, possible theme, print quality, what could be improved, where further research should be carried out, which photographer should be looked at and many more. After the peer review, each of us received feedback from our group and our tutor. I received a very good peer review. I was told to look at August Sandler’s work (already done it), that my work is documentary photography about people, race, issue and is good for a book or exhibition. Feedback from our tutor and my group: good portrait, well lit, perfect dept of field, good composition with many straight lines, subject’s face expression brings viewer attention…wow, what a great feedback, thanks everyone. I am super proud of my photograph however, I am getting worry, as if my work is that good at the begging, I will have to work very hard to develop it!

Anyway, if you are or will be in Huddersfield, go and have a look at the University of Huddersfield final year photography student’s exhibition. It’s worth it.

The exhibition is open until Thursday the 11th of October at the Market Hardware Exhibition Space in Huddersfield, Queensgate Market.


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