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Creative Exchange Week, Mario Popham’s talk

What a week, a lot of interesting talks, artist workshops, portfolio reviews…

I am going to start with great photographer Mario Popham

Mario talked about his practise, about the way he started his adventure with photography while studying cinema in the art college. How he came across Cartier Bresson’s work who became his biggest inspiration. Therefore, he learns how to use film camera and decided to travel to India to photograph humanity, photojournalist style in black and white. I am in love with his portraitures created in India. However, at this point he wasn’t sure where is his voice within photography, therefore he went back to UK, looked at other artist like Aleck Soth and started to photograph in Manchester, exploring human’s relationship with the nature. His Enduring Growth is another amazing peace. Since, he knew what his photographs are saying and when his work was exhibited, and he received some awards, he knew that his practise is gaining some momentous. He also became art gallery curator which makes him richer in experience and make him became more creative. He works in collaboration with another artist Tom Baskeyfield. Their collaborated work titled Shaped by Stone was exhibited and will be publish in a book later this year. Thus, Mario created some brilliant personal works, mostly landscapes, while exploring the relationship with nature.

His tip for us – students, was to be nice to our customers, build our contacts and use our instinct, ability, knowledge and always work hard and the clients will come back to us.

Have a look at Mario Popham’s amazing work

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