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Studio Workshop with Pablo Antoli

Last Wednesday I’ve had a pleasure to attend Pablo Antoli studio workshop.

Antoli showed us how he keeps his photo sessions and other useful documents about the project in Capture one. How he titles them according to the subject matter and date, how he makes folders and subfolders so when he needs the image, he could easily find them. Very useful advice, I need to start doing this. He also showed us how he creates studio portraiture and commercial food photographs with the movement . How he focuses on different point in each image and then blends them in Photoshop.

He explained how large format camera works and let us have a go with it. I love his Camera Sony Alpha 7R II, for its picture quality and lightweight. The camera is very easy to use and it has a very accurate focus point. I was considering buying Nikon D810 body but now I am not sure if I should go for Sony instead.

He biggest advise was to always use light meter when working with a flash, to always be prepared for the shoot, to have a spare battery, camera etc. also to create kit order for the client.

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