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Volunteers open event at The Hepworth Wakefield

I found out that The Hepworth Wakefield is hosting volunteers open event and I sign up for it. Last Wednesday I attended the event and had a pleasure to meet many interesting people who works or volunteer there. I was introduced to each of the available roles, I have been told what’s involved in them and who is it for. I have been asked many questions about why I want to volunteer, if I have any customer service experience and about my level of commitment. I applied for two roles, which sounds the most interesting for me: Gallery Host and Evert Assistant.

Luckily, on Friday I received an email with the invitation for an induction day. I am so excited and can’t wait to be part of this wonderful place. As a photographer it is a great opportunity for me to build my customer service skills, to make contacts within creative community and to meet new people who are interested in my favourite subject – art. I am very enthusiastic about this volunteering opportunity and I will make sure to prove that I am the right person for the role.

I went for an event a bit early to have a chance to look around, as I knew that a lot has changed since my last visit in October. The gallery is amazing, and staff makes everyone feel very welcomed. If you never visit The Hepworth Wakefield you should do, I can assure you that there is lot of amazing exhibitions and everyone will find something interesting.

To find out more check the website

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