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Creative Exchange Week, Mario Popham’s talk

What a week, a lot of interesting talks, artist workshops, portfolio reviews…

I am going to start with great photographer Mario Popham

Mario talked about his practise, about the way he started his adventure with photography while studying cinema in the art college. How he came across Cartier Bresson’s work who became his biggest inspiration. Therefore, he learns how to use film camera and decided to travel to India to photograph humanity, photojournalist style in black and white. I am in love with his portraitures created in India. However, at this point he wasn’t sure where is his voice within photography, therefore he went back to UK, looked at other artist like Aleck Soth and started to photograph in Manchester, exploring human’s relationship with the nature. His Enduring Growth is another amazing peace. Since, he knew what his photographs are saying and when his work was exhibited, and he received some awards, he knew that his practise is gaining some momentous. He also became art gallery curator which makes him richer in experience and make him became more creative. He works in collaboration with another artist Tom Baskeyfield. Their collaborated work titled Shaped by Stone was exhibited and will be publish in a book later this year. Thus, Mario created some brilliant personal works, mostly landscapes, while exploring the relationship with nature.

His tip for us – students, was to be nice to our customers, build our contacts and use our instinct, ability, knowledge and always work hard and the clients will come back to us.

Have a look at Mario Popham’s amazing work

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Bella West’s talk, workshop and portfolio review

Last week I’ve had a pleasure to attend Bella West’s talk, to have workshop with the artist and to watch her working in the location.

The artist talked about her work, how mostly she uses natural light or adding reflector if needed and how she uses the space and simplicity in her photographs. She advised us (students) that to be a good photographer we need to be more than just to catch a moment; that we need to create colour harmony in our images. That we need to consider the light, time of the day, place where we photograph, how much shape and space do we use. That the composition is very important to create cohesion between the location and the subject. To not be afraid of playing with dept of field, movement and being creative. Additionally, artist explained that as portrait photographer is very important to make a connection with the subject. To let them be themselves and to bring their own personality into our work. She also told us to get away from our comfort zone and to try to photograph other stuff, different subject, styles, events etc. As each time we gain new skills, experiences and build our confidence within something new to us what makes us stronger as a photographer. Furthermore, West told us that is important to show our work and to enter photography competitions, as it’s always good to be seen and we may land ourselves an award or an exhibition etc.

Portfolio review:

I presented my Bloody Foreigners? work and I received a very good feedback. Bella West said that I am photographing very interesting subject, that the design of my photobook is very good and some of my portraits are strong. She recommended that I should go wider and use more space in my photographs. Also, that I shouldn’t concentrate on the subject directly looking at the camera but could be more playful and portray the subjects while they do their jobs, and through location I could tell more of their story. Additionally, I’ve been told to use colour passport or grey card when I photograph inside. I’ve been also advised that I look at the work of Anastasia Taylor Lind and Gales Duley. Both artists are a real story teller, but I am going to try my best to add this useful advice in my new photographs. I have some new ideas.



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Bound Art – the photobook festival

Today is the opening nigh for the Bound Art Book Fair in Whitworth Manchester . The book fair will be held until the 14 of October .

The University of Huddersfield is represented by its final year photography students which are showing their amazing books. I will be there most of the weekend, but on Saturday from 10 to 12.30 pm I will be near university table. If you would like to see my book, or of you have any questions about mine (Bloody Foreigners?) or other students work, come round and have a chat.

Also, check out the amazing program with many interesting artists, talk and workshops, or come round and have a look for yourself , there is a lot of amazing work.

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University trip to The Hepworth Wakefield

Viviane Sassen and Lee Miller’s exhibition.

The mainstay of Viviane Sassen’s Hot Mirrors are geometrics and body abstractions. The representation of gender and fashion in her work are far away from photography traditions, as she breaks the boundaries within creativity and experimentation. Artist often distort human’s body, use harsh shadows and dynamic colours. Her work brings a surreal feel, so the viewer must look twice to find out what’s going on. To display her work, she mixes large posters with glass screens and white photo frames. Images are sequenced to create a story within a place, or a subject matter.

Lee Miller’s work is sequenced within similar subject: hands, naked body, portraits… and presented as small images placed in the middle of black large frames (unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of Miller’s work).

Looking at Viviane Sassen’s photographs and collages the viewer can link her work with Lee Miller’s, as she uses a similar approach. Both artists change everyday objects and people into the strange and surreal with a beautiful sense of composition. For their experimentation within many photography fields both artists grow into uncategorised photographers.


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Back to uni, the final year begins…

Final year? Already? Aw my God, where has the time gone? In a few months hopefully, I will graduate with a BA in Photography but now I am freaked out!

So much information about the work which must be done through the year and sooo much to do. However, the dissertation is the worst of all and its due for the 11th of January. Why is it the worst? As I hate writing and English isn’t my first language so its not easy! But nobody said it would be, so I must stop feeling sorry for myself and start working.

So, what’s next? Individual meetings with tutors, to talk about our research for the dissertation. After that I will have to write 1000 words for the next meeting, and the next one and so on. If everything goes as planned, the dissertation would be done by December. I wish, I can’t wait to have it out of the way. But when the dissertation would be done, we would have a trip to Amsterdam! Hurray, something to look forward to!

The next module is Professional Practice, where I must create a website and blog (already on it). Third and the most exciting one is the Major Project and the research around my work. Now I am continuing Bloody Foreigners? so let’s see where it gets me.

It’s time to work, work, work, work…

I promise new work coming soon.

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Major project and the dissertation ideas

As photography student approaching the final year, over the summer I had to think about my major project and a potential subject for my dissertation. I decided to carry on my Bloody Foreigners work and consequently, to make a connection between the major project and the dissertation, I’ve decided to write about the documentary photography. However, I am going to pay the most attention towards the photographers which documented people as their subject matter.

To create my new work, which I shared with you recently, I meet new people, talk to them about my university project and ask for their permission to photograph them. Mostly they were helpful, however I meet a few which did not want to be photographed.

For my new work, I am planning to find some more interesting people, experiment with the lighting, locations and maybe use some black & white photographs. I have some new ideas after writing the dissertation draft and researching many photographers and artists work.

New images coming soon.